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Terry Blake

President of LRM and Chief Financial Officer of ARCHS

Terry has over 25 years of accounting experience, which includes serving as a Controller for Health South and Charter Medical Corporation, and as the Director of Accounting for the TML Intergovernmental Employee Benefit Pool. Blake holds a master’s degree from Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville and a bachelor’s degree from Saint Louis University. He has several areas of expertise, including financial analysis, operations management, investment relations, strategic planning, budget preparation, financial statements, and more. For the past four years, he has served as a judge for the annual Washington University in St. Louis’ Skandalaris Center Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition.

Sheryl Mitchell, CPA


Sheryl Mitchell is an LRM Accountant. She has over 15 years of accounting experience, which includes serving as the Financial Analyst Decision Support for Sacred Heart Health System, Senior Accountant at O' Sullivan Creel LLP, Accountant at Pasternak & Co. and Accountant at Wright, Criscione, & Co. In addition, Mitchell holds a Certified Public Account (CPA) and bachelor's degree in business management, both from Webster University.